Each treatment journey includes a complete spa experience:

 A warm epsom salt foot soak
Herbal tea (while you fill out your health form)
Carefully selected spa music
Aromatic blends
Soft flannel sheets
Customized bodywork



Sixty Minute Deep Flow Massage

60 mins

A customized blend of various massage styles all in one flowing treatment.

Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish, Reflexology and Shiatsu-inspired massage styles are combined intuitively and flow into one customized massage treatment to soothe, ease and release layers of tension in body and mind.


Ninety Minute Deep Flow Massage

90 mins

As above, so below. The same treatment as the above Sixty Minute Deep Flow Massage, but thirty blissful minutes longer.

Choose this if you're long overdue for a massage, or you have areas needing extra time and focus while still getting the full body meltdown.


Reflexology-Inspired Foot Massage

60 mins

A full body massage through your feet!  This treatment is great for those who love or prefer their feet worked.  

Your session begins by exploring pressure points on the feet which stimulate relaxation and a sense of ease and balance throughout the whole body. Then we flow into a moisturizer application foot and leg massage to leave you walking on clouds.


Reflexology-Inspired Foot Massage
(packaged add-on)

30 mins

This mini Reflexology treatment was created for those receiving a full body treatment but are seeking a little extra time on their feet. 


Salt Scrub Plus Moisturizing Application

60 mins

Get your glow on!

This treatment is a full body exfoliation using Aveda Body Polish exfoliant, followed by a warm shower. Return to a refreshed treatment table to enjoy a  luxurious full body moisturizing application.

Choose this treatment when your skin is feeling thick and heavy and dull; let's polish away dead skin cells to help your skin breathe, glow and radiate.


Salt Scrub
(package add-on)

30 mins

This mini treatment was designed for those who wish to add a scrub to a full body massage treatment.

*All prices include taxes
*Treatment time does not include the foot soak, set up and pack up time. Please allow for an additional 10 or so minutes total added on to the start and end of your treatment time.
*Couples massages can often be accommodated simultaneously with enough advance notice. Angela selects highly reputable colleagues to make it happen upon request.

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