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Who are we anyway?

We are a local select group of skillful and highly reputed practitioners who have over a decade of experience each in the field of massage.  We offer a holistic and customized approach to our treatments and we are poised to offer you the kind of care you would enjoy in a 5 star standard spa as we have worked in luxury Relais & Chateaux and Fairmont Spas as well as luxury heli-skiing lodges. 

We have been trained by highly skilled, cutting edge teachers from around the world as far as Germany, Hawaii and within Canada.

When you book an ensuite massage with us you are definitely in for a treat!

While we are not RMT’s we do have RMT clients who see us regularly because they so love our skillful, whole-hearted approach and our intuitively strong hands that know how to listen to what each body needs.

Book with us and let yourself be swaddled in good care.

All our best always,

Tofino Mobile Massage Team

Why Tofino Mobile Massage?

Tofino Mobile Massage was created in 2017 by me, Angela Powless, a long time resident of Tofino for 13 years and counting. My intention is to offer my work and the work of my esteemed peers to a niche that was not yet being served in Tofino.
I work with only a handful of select practitioners who are experienced and amazing at what they do and share a kindred love of connecting empathically to our valued clients.

My vision has always been that from the moment our guests open the door to us, they will instantly become a guest in their own abode. We arrive with music and tea and foot soak so you can relax as we set up for your customized ensuite spa experience.

We are so thankful to all of those who have trusted us with their care and helped us make Tofino Mobile Massage the name in Tofino for professional ensuite spa experience.

We invite you to check out our testimonials and reviews and let us bring the spa to you next time you need a good massage!

Warm Regards,
Angela Powless
Founder of Tofino Mobile Massage


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