Ensuite Spa...

Let the spa come to you


A complete ensuite spa experience delivered to your door.
Carefully selected spa music, delicious herbal tea, aromatic oil blends, soft, white flannel sheets, warm blanket, heating pad, eye shade, customized bodywork. A whole experience.


Ever wish you could just order in?

At Tofino Mobile Massage, we've thought of practically everything to make your professional at-home spa experience luxuriously cozy and effortless for you. 

We bring all the fixings to your door, to create the whole spa experience right in your suite.  

No driving or parking to worry about, just answer the knock on your door and let yourself be swaddled in good care.




“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes."

-Carl Jung


Calm your body and mind.

Soothe your achy muscles.

Be refreshed. 




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